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I. Adi Da’s Vision of a Global Cooperative Forum

It is now common knowledge that the Earth-system is fast deteriorating into a degraded and unsustainable condition from which there may soon be no going back. The human world is threatened by an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor, unbridled exploitation of resources, an energy crisis, food shortages, overpopulation, and increasing areas of social breakdown, political oppression, and armed struggle.

In the face of all this, the global human system is becoming dysfunctional—incapable of managing itself to establish and maintain integrity. Human society is a chaos of separate institutions, both public and private (nation-states, ethnic and religious groupings, intergovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, multi-national corporations), all doing their own managing in their own jurisdictions, with only partial reference (if any reference at all) to the interdependence of the whole. The result is the growing imbalance and conflict that threatens to become terminal for humankind and the Earth.

In this book, the World-Friend, Adi Da, speaks to this situation with a passionate calling for global change in the form of the “Global Cooperative Forum”, a unique global institution founded in the inherent truth of prior unity.


II. The Origin of Adi Da’s Call for the Global Cooperative Forum

In the course of the Kosovo war in 1999, an individual who was working in the refugee commission of the United Nations asked Adi Da if he would write an open letter to the human family about the urgent issues facing humankind. Adi Da immediately did so, and his passionate statement was published, and also privately conveyed to individuals in positions of influence. That “open letter” was an early version of what would later be elaborated in Not-Two Is Peace. Adi Da was calling for humanity to abandon its “tribal” conflicts and “lose face”—meaning, to be seen with all one’s limitations exposed, without the apparent protection of a powerful or influential image. Only by “losing face”, Adi Da was saying, could humanity move forward together on the basis of genuine moral authority. He was calling for human beings to deal with all global issues on the basis of recognizing the prior unity in which everything is inherently connected, rather than separatively destroying the possibility of civilized life on the planet. And to establish and maintain this transformation, Adi Da emphasized the necessity for a new structure of human cooperative order, in the form of a Global Cooperative Forum—“based upon the working-principle of the prior unity of all of humankind”.

"Human beings must accept, with humility, that their rightful position (and that of every one) in the naturally indivisible world-family of Earthkind (including humankind) is not the "ego-place" of prior dis-unity (and, thus, of separateness, separativeness, domination, and control), but the "heart-place" of prior unity (and, thus, of ego-transcending cooperation and tolerance). . . 

Indeed, this Call to Right Life and Peace is a great and absolute moral Law, which I have Epitomized in the Formula C + T = P, or "Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace".

It is absolutely essential that the universal collective of humankind formally embrace and really enact this universal moral disposition."

—Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace


III. What the Global Cooperative Forum Would Do

How is the Global Cooperative Forum to be actualized? How do we get there? What would prior unity look like in actual practice, as the basis not merely of one’s personal life but of collective human living?  In section II, “On The Necessity To Give Institutional Form To The Priniciple Of Prior Unity”, Adi Da elaborates on this vision.

A Global Cooperative Forum, founded on the principle of prior unity, would address, on behalf of all the people of the world, all the crucial issues that humankind has in common. Adi Da introduces the term “everybody-all-at-once” to express the simultaneity and unique force potential in humankind when it wakes up and becomes aware of itself as one family, one collective, even one “system”, existing in unity with, and responsible for, the entire Earth-system.

Such a Global Cooperative Forum would provide an institutional structure capable of bringing to life the principle of prior unity, and, thus, restoring to the Earth-system (both human and non-human) its inherent capability to self-correct and self-organize. In summary, the Global Cooperative Forum would regenerate and maintain the integrity of the Earth-system at all levels through a global cooperative process of self-governance on the part of the people of the world.

How the Global Cooperative Forum would function is, to some degree, suggested in the Principles given by Adi Da in Part One (and in Not-Two Is Peace as a whole), but Not-Two Is Peace is fundamentally a blueprint that must be fleshed out by a “morally-enlightened” leadership composed of individuals who carry no baggage of self-imagery or “tribal” agenda and are thus capable of representing “everybody-all-at-once”.

Adi Da points out that no global organization presently is equipped to deal with the complexity of the world situation, in a way that accounts for the whole, because of the prevailing paradigm—which is that of separate interests negotiating toward settlements that are most advantageous for themselves. The global good (both human and non-human) is thereby subordinated to the aims of the separate interests.

In the current world, human beings are simply suffering this situation, or exploiting it, or both. Therefore, a shift of consciousness is essential, from the mind of “tribalism” to taking responsibility for the whole. A new global institution needs to emerge—one which genuinely represents humankind altogether, or “everybody-all-at-once”, and, thus, empowers the human population as a totality.


IV. The Modus Operandi of the Global Cooperative Forum    

The Global Cooperative Forum would be a form of global representative governance, in which each and every representative would be representing humankind as a whole, rather than only a part of the whole, or an aspect of the whole. Thus, there would be no “flags” or labels or self-imagery or separative agendas introduced by the representatives. Every participating representative in the Global Cooperative Forum would set aside his or her personal national, religious, ethnic, or other forms of identity, and merely be there as a human being representing all of humankind. (This is not to deny the validity and natural expression of these forms of identity, but only to indicate that the advocacy of personal or tribal identity has no place in the workings of the Global Cooperative Forum.) Likewise, the equality of all representatives would be presumed, rather than any hierarchy of status.

The basis for discussions would be the “working-presumption of prior unity”, meaning that the orientation would not be a seeking for solutions, but, rather, a disposition of enabling solutions that work in the context of the whole. In other words, it would be a matter of allowing the reality of prior unity to emerge, rather than to continue obstructing it. 

However, it is not going to work to merely “inject” the working-presumption of prior unity into this or that circumstance. The chronically leaky global boat will not be made seaworthy by patching it up here and there. For the working-presumption of prior unity to be truly effective, it would have to become the governing principle of global affairs as a whole. This is the task of the Global Cooperative Forum. 

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