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Adi Da, the World Friend, "works" with the world, both through mechanisms that are obvious, such as writing the book Not-Two Is Peace, and  by spiritual means, in ways similar to those referred to above in the cases of other Realizers, by "blessing" in ways that are neither conventional nor obvious, but which have been observed by those around him for many years, and noticed to have had significant impact on events in the world.

Adi Da was born in 1939, into the most critical era in human history. He gave his attention to, and worked "with, critical situations in the world all through his life. As a culmination of this aspect of his work, he wrote and revised Not-Two Is Peace during the last two and a half years of his life, leaving it as a key part of his legacy to the world.

When Avatar Adi Da "worked" in this sense with a serious political situation in the world, he often isolated himself for the duration of the matter at hand. For example, in 1989, before the Berlin Wall came down, he stayed alone in a small building at his residence on the island of Naitauba in Fiji. Again, during the 1991 Gulf War, he remained secluded at his small house in the main village on the other side of the island. That same year, 1991, in the period leading up to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he entered into another period of seclusion in Fiji.

Adi Da would meet with people who served significant institutions in the world and give his attention and Blessing to the situations that were described to him. This happened many times, for example in 1996 while travelling he met with individuals who worked for UNICEF and for the UN High Commission for Refugees. At one of those meetings he spoke of how he "works" with situations in the world, saying, "I Work on the Pattern that is Prior to the pattern that seems, or the pattern that is concrete at the moment. I Work on the Pattern that is invisible, Prior, not yet observed. And then I Breathe it down into the world."

There follows a more extended description of another "blessing incident", in 1999 during the Kosovo war. 

In February 1999, Adi Da had been in California for several months. Very suddenly he insisted on traveling absolutely immediately back to his principal sacred Hermitage, the island of Naitauba  in Fiji. His sudden departure for Fiji coincided with the escalation of the crisis in Kosovo.

Adi Da arrived at his island-Hermitage on February 23, 1999, and immediately asked for a shortwave radio to be installed in His House. He was also receiving written news bulletins, so that He could follow the news of the situation in Kosovo in detail.

For the next forty-three days, Adi Da stayed secluded at The "Brightness", His most set-apart Temple, involved in intense, obviously difficult "work" with the Kosovo situation. This work somehow evoked huge thunder and lightning storms over the island, mirroring the battlefields of Kosovo. One devotee reported:

One night, it was physically as if the war were occurring at The "Brightness". I was sleeping in a tent at some distance (below and away) from the "Brightness" Temple, and it was like being on the front line of a battlefield. A few times, I had to go up to the field of The "Brightness" to briefly serve Beloved Adi Da, and the thunder was so loud it shook my body like a barrage of artillery fire. And the lightning was so bright, just blasting across the skythe whole field lit up, as if from explosives. During the night, the winds were so strong it felt as though the tent where I was staying was going to be lifted right off the ground. The agitation in the atmosphere altogether was extreme. It felt like the war was occurring right in Beloved Adi Da's domain. ... Later, I found out that the attempts at Kosovo peace talks that were going on had broken down at that exact time.

Within a couple of hours of the passing of the storm, Beloved Adi Da received news that thousands of refugees were being transported like cattle to Macedonia, and there was an increased threat of NATO ground troops being moved into Kosovo. The war had reached another critical point.

By mid-April, Avatar Adi Da was rarely leaving His room except to cross the field to His bathhouse. At this point in the war some 650 air strikes a day were bearing down on Serbian targets.

After weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations, news came on June 7 that a sudden agreement had been reached to bring peace in Kosovo. Russia had conceded that all Serbian forces and paramilitary police should be withdrawn from Kosovo, and that the refugees should be returned to their homes under the supervision of a joint NATO-Russian presence. Within 24 hours, the government in Belgrade had agreed. The deal seemed to catch both NATO and Russia by surprise.

There was elation in the media, but Adi Da did not, in any way, relax His attention on the circumstance in Kosovo. He was still doing his "work", and he gave specific instruction that his devotees were not to cease in their prayer for peace.

Within a few days, on June 11, the peace plan was approved by the UN Security Council. And then, suddenly, the following day, Russian troops arrived unannounced in Kosovo, and the world held its breath.

Bill Dunkelberger, the devotee principally responsible for the flow of news to Adi Da during the Kosovo war, is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant-colonel experienced in writing strategic military estimates and in intelligence operations. Bill is a veteran of the Vietnam War, where he had led an intelligence battalion. He shares the following account of Adi Da's intervention in the Kosovo War:

BILL DUNKELBERGER: For the duration of the Kosovo conflict, it was my responsibility to provide Adi Da  with six updates daily on the evolving military and diplomatic situation. In addition, I would write my own summary and analysis of developments for himh

On June 7, the day that seemed, on the surface, to spell peace, I received a communication from Adi Da, in which he said, "The outcome of the situation is not written yet, and it has every potential of becoming a terrible conflagration. There is every sign that a ground war is going to take place, and is, in fact, being intended."

I must confess that, at the time, I thought that Avatar Adi Da was, to say the least, greatly overstating the case. The framework of the peace agreement had already been agreed to by all parties, and I could find no evidence at all in the daily news that supported his point of view. Not understanding why he was talking about a ground war, I did not respond to that point in my letter to him.

Then, on July 18, I made an astonishing discovery. An article appeared in The London Observer documenting that, on June 7, a top-secret planning session had been held in England to finalize plans for a NATO ground invasion of Yugoslavia. This confirmed to me that  Adi Da  never speaks casually, and that his connection to this world extends far beyond ordinary human perception.

In the week following the Russian landing at Pristina, Adi Da continued to live very austerely in Fiji. Other than receiving the news and his meals, He stayed in his room, usually alone, watching a lengthy video series on the Cold War and another long series on World War II. He watched these programs with great intensity—scrutinizing faces, rewinding the tape again and again so that he could replay a section. Devotees serving him felt he was work to defuse another power struggle between Russia and the US/NATO.

Adi Da's body continued to show the effects of this work. Devotees observed how weak he was during this period when he was watching the video programs.

Then, on June 19 (Fiji time), Adi Da declared that he had finished with the video programs, and that they should be removed from his house immediately. Something had been completed. During that week, NATO and Russia had ironed out their differences and come to an agreement about the command of their peace-keeping forces in Kosovo. On June 21 (Fiji date), the last Serbian troops and police were evacuated from the province.  Whatever the future might hold, that particular period of conflict was over.

Beyond such remarkable incidents, Not-Two Is Peace, summarizes the principles and possibilities for non-Utopian solutions to the obviously unsustainably recurring patterns of conflict in our world.



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