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Not-Two Is Peace (Expanded Third Edition) Online Excerpts

Please enjoy the following key excerpts from the new, expanded Third Edition of Not-Two Is Peace.

The complete book is available here.

Also available in German.

Part 1, Chapter I

On The Dangers of The Old "Tribalisms",
and The Necessity For A Global Cooperative Forum
Based On The Prior Unity of Humankind

Part 1, Chapter II

On The Necessity To Give Institutional Form
To The Principle of Prior Unity

Part 1, Chapter III

On Competition, Prior Unity,
and Self-Management

Part 1, Chapter IV

On Globalizing Humankind
On A Cooperative Basis

Part 1, Chapter V


On Non-Cooperation With What Is Wrong


On Mobilizing The Human Totality

Based On The Self-Evident Truth of Prior Unity

Part 1, Chapter VI


On Establishing Rules of Participation

For A Global Cooperative Order

Part 2, Chapter I



(The Natural Zone of Necessary Human Responsibility 

A First Word About The Unified Global Ecology

Of The Necessary New Mode  of Human Civilization

Part 2, Chapter 2


Humankind Is Literally

One Family

Part 2, Chapter 3


C + T = P:

Formula For World Peace

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