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At this crossroads in history, many serious attempts are being made to steer humanity toward a new and sustainable civilization. Among them, this book by Adi Da is outstanding as a unique and radical message oriented to meet the global state of emergency through a new modus operandi, the working-presumption of prior unity, and a Global Cooperative Forum that could empower the more than six billion inhabitants of the planet to take their destiny into their own hand. This vision deserves to be read and pondered, and decisively acted upon.

Founder and President of the Club of Budapest

At this critical moment in the history of the human family, when the very foundations of civilization are being challenged, there is a message of compassion being spoken by one grounded in enduring wisdom and true discernment. In Not-Two Is Peace, Adi Da writes of the urgent need for a new form of global discourse, based on the recognition of the underlying unity of humankind. Such discourse would renew the ideals that originally underlay the foundation of the United Nations. And it would require humankind as a whole to listen to the ordinary people all over the world who are in dire need of greater human security.

Former Senior Adviser, United Nations High Commission for Refugees

This extraordinary collection of illuminating essays offers a deep diagnosis of humanity’s predicament. The cure Adi Da prescribes, based on higher laws, is simultaneously radical, urgent, and straightforward. Adi Da’s is a uniquely authentic and compelling voice in this global age.

Former UN official,
Senior Adviser to the Nonviolent Peaceforce

As we cross into the twenty-first century, it is clear humanity has entered an unprecedented global age. This global age of course has been emerging over millennia, but we now face a range of global crises that call for new ways of thinking and a new kind of consciousness to get to the source of the challenges. A number of initiatives have emerged which center on the collective wisdom of the ages—an emergent global wisdom that resonates across our diverse worldviews and traditions. In this context, Adi Da’s book Not-Two Is Peace taps this global wisdom. And the title of the book is right on the mark. He has said the real (even genetic) situation of the human species is prior unity, and peace requires that prior unity be the “working-presumption” of humankind. This simple and powerful principle reflects a consensus truth of global wisdom that there is That Which is First—an ultimate, unifying, infinite Force (whether we call it Tao, Aum, Brahman, Yahweh, Allah, Energy, Buddha Nature, Sunyata . . . ) that is the ground and source of all life, all existence, all worldviews, religions, cultures, forms of life. This is “Prior Unity,” and the collective wisdom of humanity has urged that unless and until humans center our lives in this Unifying Principle and Holistic Unified Field, we are not sustainable and we cannot flourish, individually and collectively. And we will not realize true peace. The narrative of Adi Da’s book is simple, powerful, accessible, and compassionate. And his message, grounded in global wisdom, is urgent and timely--he suggests that former ways of seeking peace have not worked and cannot work. Instead, we must mature and advance to a new form of consciousness that is grounded in “Prior Unity,” wherein we find our common ground, mature as humans, and touch the sacred space of true peace—hence “Not-Two Is Peace.” Adi Da recognizes that the wisdom of the ages--the awakening of this integral consciousness—calls for a radical networking from the heart and mind and urges that we form a Global Cooperative Forum to facilitate our transition to a true global culture of peace. So there is a powerful diagnosis and prescription for our human sustainability. This important book should be read carefully and put into practice by all global citizens.

Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Haverford College
Founder-Director of the Global Dialogue Institute
Co-Convenor of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality

The hour is late. With each telling movement of the doomsday clock, another disaster – deforestation, pollution, species-loss, global warming, financial ruin, terrorism and war – inches us ever closer to the final stroke of midnight, the existential catastrophe that could end Earth life as we know it. In this dark time, Adi Da's Not-Two Is Peace calls urgently for us to change our ways and, even more importantly, gives the "seed-utterance" of guidance for global cooperation based on the prior unity of all humankind. By heeding this call, we may yet alter the course of events and build a new world-culture of abundant peace, justice and joy.

Professor of English, New Mexico State University
Abbot, Zen Center of Las Cruces
Author, A Warrior Blends with Life: A Modern Tao

Through the ages, people have struggled with the idea that consciousness and being are a priori to physical manifestation. Today, our awareness of timeless union and inner value finds fragmented expression in a myriad of linear phenomena that we take for reality, including sovereign boundaries, property rights, market prices, interest rates, cyclical bubbles, and externalities such as pollution, poverty, social conflict, terrorism, and war. In this visionary and epochal book, Adi Da reminds us that humanity is already always a mass subjective unity and beckons us to fully externalize this conscious interconnectivity and ontological interdependence through our economic, social, and political institutions and collective decision-making.

International Economist

Not-Two Is Peace is Adi Da's urgent wake-up call to all men and women of conscience. Now it the time to bring together all our diverse gifts and talents into one shared project to make our world fit for all human beings to inhabit. We are united by the same need to live free of want, free of fear, and free to live a life of dignity. At the heart of the human condition lies the recognition that freedom for one must mean freedom for all. Peace is the prime directive. Peace is prior unity. The Global Cooperative Forum is the way.

Co-Director, Centre for International Peacebuilding, London

Not-Two Is Peace contains wisdom that can transform the current and ongoing world crises that so desperately need effective conflict resolution. If truly acted upon, what Adi Da advocates has the power to bring an end to the horrors and suffering that are the result of our mad need to differentiate between "us" and “them”.

John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University

Absolutely brilliant. Undauntingly honest. Staggeringly bold. A breathtaking call to humankind to wake up.

Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology
author, The Heart of Success and Bridging Heaven and Earth

In this book, Adi Da powerfully and elegantly cuts through the collective delusion of separateness upon which modern society is founded. He calls for the establishment of a Global Cooperative Forum based on the presumption of our prior, underlying, and inherent unity. He writes his wisdom into a time on this planet when, if we do not all start acting, all at once, for the common good, life on this planet will become unlivable for all of us. This book establishes the essential foundation for a new cooperative world order arising from the unity which is prior to our diversity.

CEO and Founder, The Leadership Circle


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