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Adi Da demonstrates the illusion we are living in and the separateness and greed that run both nations and large institutions, thereby affecting our lives. His presents a blueprint for a world that works but also points out the steps each individual can and must take to transcend the ego. His book is both visionary and practical, showing that cooperation is the only road available to us to avoid total destruction"

Partner at U&W (the Swedish sustainability consultancy)
and Senior Advisor to the Carbon Disclosure Project
Co-founder Climate Well (Winner of the World Economic Forum
Pioneer of the Year Award, 2007)
Founder and former Board Director of Ekobanken

Profound wisdom on the root of human conflict, and the path away from a grim destiny. An astonishing gift.

Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Adi Da quietly arrives on the doorstep of the evolution of consciousness, revealing, step by step, what is required to sustain humanity and this beautiful planet. We should all be very interested in the mysterious state of "prior unity". Let us invest in this work of genius immediately. Let us never put this book on the shelf. It is a living document, forever active.

International Director, Colours of Freedom Foundation, Toronto

Absolutely brilliant. Undauntingly honest. Staggeringly bold. A breathtaking call to humankind to wake up.

Doctor of Transpersonal Psychology
author, The Heart of Success and Bridging Heaven and Earth


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