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Key Principles
(excerpted from Not-Two Is Peace, Part 1, Section 1: "On The Dangers of The Old 'Tribalisms', and The Necessity For A Global Cooperative Forum Based On The Prior Unity of Humankind")
1.1 The old moral, social, and political order of humankind is now dead.
1.2 This is the moment when it will be decided what the future is going to be.
1.3 The future is either going to be catastrophic disaster, or it is going to be the turnabout moment in human history, in which humankind will step out of its dark ages of "tribalism" into a new mode of human cooperative order.
1.6 The old civilization is about "tribalism". The new politics is about the civilization of "humankind-as-a-whole", and only this has the potential for a viable human future. Humankind cannot survive a "tribal" world.
1.12 The modern "everyman" of consumer society is a propagandized individual, participating in illusions and, effectively, self-destructing.
1.13 The modern "everyman" is being created by the power system of the world, because it is in the interests of that power system for there to be consumer egos who are "self"-involved, "self"-seeking, and stupefied.
1.16 Humankind now needs to choose its collective survival and well-being in the real world, rather than determining its politics based on old mythologies.
1.17 There has to be a global understanding that world peace requires stepping beyond both religious mythologies and secular ideoligies.
1.18 The old "tribal" mythologies may touch upon Reality and the Absolute, but they are also human inventions and their exclusivist and absolutist claims must now be relinquished.
1.19 If there is not this relinquishment, there is going to be nothing but disaster, created by the psychotic struggle for one or the other to be the winner.
1.34 Right leadership, disposed toward global cooperation - based on a comprehension of the inherent and always prior unity of humankind and the Earth-system - is now needed.
1.35 What needs to be supported everywhere is cooperative, participatory existence for the entire human population globally - and the establishment of a Global Cooperative Forum to express and implement that reality.
1.36 A Global Cooperative Forum representing humankind as a whole would operate based on the principle of "prior unity" - meaning an acknowledgement of the fundamental unity of humanity and of all existence.
1.46 The power of industry and money has actually become senior to the power of governments, and is now controlling the entire world.
1.47 The only power that can deal with these powers that are on the verge of destroying the Earth-world is everybody-all-at-once - meaning not merely mob power, but a new cooperative system for dealing with issues.
1.48 The efforts of separate nation-states and vested interests to control the people are not going to work forever. Sooner or later, the global population is going to demand a cooperative, benign situation.
1.49 That is why there needs to be a Global Cooperative Forum, in which all of humankind participates through right representation.
1.54 "Not-two" is peace. "Not-two" is prior unity. Conversely, "two" is separateness, prior dis-unity, "difference", otherness, competitiveness, opposition, confrontation, chaos, and war.


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